UpStander Pledge

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pledge to always act as an "UpStander," not just as a "ByStander." When I witness any sort of bullying behavior—be it physical, verbal, online, or through any other medium—I will always stand up for my friends, peers, and colleagues. By doing so, I will join the countless others who are working to help make an impact in our communities.

Furthermore, I pledge to be a leader in my community, and to serve as a resource for anybody who feels the need to reach out and talk for any reason. Using the tools I learned from impACT on Stage's performances and curriculum, I will work to help resolve bullying, substance abuse, and sexual assault issues wherever and whenever I can.

Finally, I will share my choice to take this pledge on my various social media outlets by clicking on the links at the bottom left of the page, encouraging others to take this pledge as well, thus furthering impACT's ultimate goal of establishing a culture of compassion and kindness throughout the world.

Thank you for signing ImpACT on Stage’s UpStander Pledge!