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Sagittarius season 2023 horoscopes: What the stars have in store for your sign

Feel that? It's a gust of fiery energy.
/ Source: TODAY

Sagittarius season begins on Nov. 22 and brings with it fiery energy. Before heading into individual horoscopes, let's go over planetary happenings that will affect the collective.

Two days after the Sun enters Sagittarius, action planet Mars also enters the planet of the archer, adding a spark of boldness and play to the steps we make.

The full moon in Gemini occurs on Nov. 27, urging us to implement the changes that we've been talking about since May 2022. Meanwhile, on Dec. 1, communication planet Mercury enters Capricorn, making our words more direct and concise. On Dec. 4, romantic Venus glides into Scorpio, adding an element of desire to our love lives.

In a possible weight off our shoulders, Neptune retrograde comes to an end Dec. 6, after appearing to move backwards since June 30. Now that the fog is lifting, we will be able to see things more clearly, but there could be some ambiguity to certain matters.

The new moon in Sagittarius on Dec. 12 offers a chance at finding meaning in our lives by exploring soulful and spiritual endeavors. On Dec. 13, Mercury retrograde in Capricorn commences, suggesting that we revisit the past this holiday season and redefine our goals for the new year. 

Here's a look at how the next month with impact your sign.


Taking a step back from an argument when you are right takes strength and reserve. Luckily, you’re acting with a higher mindset in the upcoming weeks that allows you to see the bigger picture of matters. You’ll also want to squash situations before they escalate in order to take on another dimension.  


Your finances are in need of organizing. Ask a trusted friend for advice or contact someone who can suggest ways to get your financial issues in order. Having all information in front of you will be beneficial to your well-being.


Your closest relationships are bringing out both your finest qualities and your flaws. You're capable of managing these opposing forces within yourself. Nevertheless, it’s understandable if you feel frustrated by recurrent misunderstandings. Use your sharp mind and tender heart to navigate these energies. 


When does your vacation begin? Can it start this minute? You are yearning for a trip out of town to restore and rejuvenate your essence and being. Even if you stay in town, you’ll relish the opportunity to heal and savor from spending time with your family.  


The party never seems to stop when you’re around. The caveat is that you’re wanting to rest as much as you go out. Don’t overdo the social activities this month. Give yourself a chance to catch up on your sleep in order to add vigor to your always positive attitude.


Home is where your heart is. You’re wanting to lay low and embrace a chill vibe in the coming weeks. It’s OK to sit back and indulge in the season’s merriment. You deserve a break once in a while and now is the time to focus on yourself. Get cozy!  


Although you rarely say things you don’t mean, you might be biting your tongue in the weeks ahead. Triple check texts and emails before sending. Think twice before confronting matters with family and friends to ensure it doesn’t erupt into an argument. Try to check your tone and be nice. 


No one knows better than you that maintaining boundaries is vital. If people choose to overstep the line you’ve drawn in the sand, then kindly remind them that they have to stay in their lane. Protect yourself.


Happy birthday, Sagittarius! Embrace what makes you you this month. Then think about how you can become more yourself. Meditate on what you desire and believe it's possible.


This holiday season give yourself the gift of silence. Remove yourself, for a bit, from the madness and learn to trust your inner voice. Instead of listening to podcasts or music with words, try out instrumental music or — better yet — nothing at all.


This month gives you the opportunity to reconnect with old friends. If you haven’t been in touch with them for a while, now is the chance to catch up and make a commitment to try harder to create a better foundation. Make new memories and reflect on the past together.


Maintain a balance between work and personal life to avoid being overwhelmed by responsibilities on either end. Ideally, prioritize your personal life, so that you have the energy reserves to carry you through whatever comes next.