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Parenting is no walk in the park but it can be memorable and funny. Find LOL stories of the funniest parents and how they make parenting fun.

5d ago

Mom desperately tries to stop her family from purging the refrigerator: ‘Have you died yet?’

“I didn’t realize that this was such a universal experience. I thought this was just my mom,” says Alanna Barron.
8d ago

Woman bakes expletive-laden pies to ‘get a rise’ out of her grandmother in annual tradition

“What started as a means to get a rise out of my Grammy has snowballed into a weird family tradition,” wrote Jess Lydon.
curse pie
curse pie
14d ago

This is the viral Holderness Family video to get you through Thanksgiving

The family that brought you "Christmas Jammies" tackles the stresses of Thanksgiving.
Holderness Family Thanksgiving
Holderness Family Thanksgiving
14d ago

Lance Bass plays his least favorite ‘N Sync songs for his twins, and it does not go well

Toddlers Violet and Alexander's reactions to their dad's songs are tearin' up our hearts.
Lance Bass plays his 3 least favorite NSYNC songs for his twins — see how they react
Lance Bass plays his 3 least favorite NSYNC songs for his twins — see how they react

Chipotle renamed a Kansas City location to poke fun at Travis Kelce’s old tweets

This change is for the foodies who know Chipotle and its menu "all too well."
1636d ago

9 things I learned about fatherhood from pop culture dads

Sometimes, it's their wise advice. And sometimes, it's their inability to do anything.
Milo Ventimiglia and Robin Williams
Milo Ventimiglia and Robin Williams
21d ago

Woman says $200 birthday cake is ‘the worst’ she’s ever seen, sparking debate

In the buzzing comments section of the video, one person said it “looks like Play-Doh.”

Starbucks customer shows hilarious result of asking for sandwich to be cut in half

“….. guess I should’ve been more specific,” she captioned the photo.
33d ago

Mom’s viral song pokes fun at how little it takes to be 'such a good dad'

"I took the idea to write about all the things I do ... and how my husband is praised just for existing in the presence of our child.”
34d ago

A mom ordered a Minion birthday cake for her son from H-E-B. The hilarious result went viral

“NOTHING COULD HAVE PREPARED ME,” one person commented on the video.
Minion Cake
Minion Cake