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What November's full moon in Gemini means for your zodiac sign

Thanksgiving is over, but the full moon is rising.

The last full moon of the autumn season occurs on Nov. 27 in the air sign Gemini. Nicknamed the Beaver Moon, this lunation marks the end of fall. In less than a month, winter begins. If you ask an astrologer, this is time to prepare — spiritually — for the cold of the winter season.

The full moon in Gemini focuses on communication, because the twin star is ruled by Mercury. The chatty planet is currently transiting Sagittarius, making us look at things from a zoomed out perspective. The flip side is we might be speaking assertively before knowing all of the facts. Mercury in Sagittarius is a know-it-all who defends their views at any cost. This placement doesn’t mince words.

Gemini's full moon may also push us to make impulsive decisions, characterized by all mutable signs. The best way to handle this lunar vibe is to check our attitudes before we launch into an argument. Think before speaking to assure that we aren’t saying things that we will later regret.

How can you see November 2023’s full moon? 

The full moon in Gemini occurs on Nov. 27 at 4:16 a.m. ET, and will appear full for about three days.

What is the astrological meaning of November 2023’s full moon?

Full moons are considered times of release within astrology. Each full moon takes on a different personality, though, depending on what else is occurring in the cosmos.

Action planet Mars, who’s in Sagittarius, and domineering Saturn, who’s currently in Pisces, activate the full moon in Gemini. This creates an intense energy that could limit us in our relationships and decision-making, while causing conflicts to arise with others as well as internally.

The same day, Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune retrograde in Pisces, making it hard to see the truth or larger picture of situations. Mercury will be in its pre-retrograde zone, adding confusion and uncertainty to the mix. Think about how to proceed before making moves.

How November’s full moon will affect your sign: 


Having structure in your life will give you a sense of comfort. This means ending work at certain hours and starting a scheduled routine to finish what it is you really want to get done


Be mindful of the amount of money you are spending on holiday gifts. Buy items that are on your budget in order to stay on track with your finances and to avoid future issues.


You might be feeling more emotional than usual because of the full moon. Take the time to understand why you're feeling like this. Use the full moon for some inner exploration.


You’ve been running around town for the past few weeks. Burning the candle at both ends is creating exhaustion. Use the full moon to decompress and unwind. The less you stress and more rest you get, the easier it will be to focus on things that matter and remain present. 


You don't want to change, but the full moon is forcing you evolve. Make a conscious effort to live in the present, and find that you are in a more enlightened headspace.


Positive recognition is coming your way, at last. If relevant, use this month as a moment to share your thoughts about the future of your workplace — most importantly, the role you play in it. Don’t sell yourself short.


Having an open mind means being able to accept things as they are without wanting to change them. Instead of trying to shift matters and bend other people’s will, try to make peace with what you can't change.


You are a force to be reckoned with on any given day — especially during the full moon. Your intuition is heightened and elevated right now, allowing you to see the truth in matters that might be emotionally overwhelming. Hopefully, you’ll accept these situations and try to work past them.


Expressing your emotions takes guts, since you're essentially putting your heart on the line. Be brave, Sag! Step out of your comfort zone and let your sentiments be heard. Doing so will prove that you are brave, daring and bold when it comes to love. 


Your daily routine is in need of a shakeup. Consider waking up a few hours earlier than usual to do yoga, take a walk or meditate. This vibe shift may give you more energy throughout the day and a chance to center your energy before work. 


If you are feeling stuck in projects, the full moon will give you a chance to move your artistic inclinations forward. Try new methods to spark inspiration. See what sticks. Creativity will break you out of your rut.


Your personal life is undergoing transformation. Prepare yourself for a few growing pains along the way. As long as you learn from the past and journey, you’ll be able to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Swim towards greatness.

Disclaimer: Astrology is not based in science. These posts are not intended to act as a directive.